How to Create a Succulent Arrangement

While I was shopping in Fredericksburg I saw some beautiful succulent arrangements for sale at an art gallery. I promised myself that I’d go back to buy them at the end of the day but never did. Well, almost three weeks later I still couldn’t stop thinking about my succulents that got away so I decided create my own. I’m thrilled with the results and I even ended up saving some money- the gallery in Fredericksburg was selling their arrangements for $50 and I made my own for just $21 ($3.50 for bowl-shaped terra cotta pot and $2.50 for each succulents, total of 7). Here’s how you can make your own:

Find a nursery. Succulents are sold everywhere: Lowes, Walmart, Home Depot, I’ve even bought some from IKEA  (they aren’t doing great) but nurseries will likely have a wider selection. In return, the prices will be slightly higher. The succulents in our arrangement were bought at Home Depot, which happened to have a very good selection this weekend.

Pick your plants. It’s important not to mix succulents with non-succulents for a couple of reasons.  Succulents are watered much less often than a regular plant, such as kale, and need well-draining soil with a mixture of sand and compost. Also, succulents are able to grow very closely together in a small area because their roots are shallow and won’t suffocate each other. Here are the plants we chose:

Sedum Brown Bean: Sedum rubrotinctum

Sedum Brown Bean: Sedum rubrotinctum

Aloinopsis luckhoffii

Delosperma SphalmanthoidesSedeveria 'Fan Fare'

Echeveria 'Sleepy'Anacampseros 'Sunrise'

Graptosedum 'California Sunset'

Fill your pot. Ours was relatively shallow to begin with, but we wanted the succulents to sit at the very top so they’d be visible from all angles so we filled about 3/4 of it with dirt. We then “carved” (with our fingers) small holes in the dirt for each of the plants to sit in and made the holes shallow enough to leave the top half of the plant’s base exposed. We arranged six of our succulents in a circle along the edge of the pot and placed our last one in the middle of them all.

Finish it off. Add extra dirt to cover the any exposed plant base and add pebbles. We already had the ones we used, but we got them at Michaels for $3.99.

Taking care of your arrangement: Succulents love neglect, so it should be fairly easy to keep them alive. Water light to moderately and protect them from freezing temperatures.

Happy gardening!